EPISODE 021 Rudy Perina


Ambassador Perina Decodes Cold War Berlinery

Mark was fortunate to have a chance to speak with Ambassador Rudy Perina** and discuss his storied 34-year career in the US Diplomatic Corps. He’s a sought after Charge d’Affaires at US embassies around the world with a history of service in Cold War hotspots including Moscow, former Yugoslavia, and Berlin. We discussed the role of diplomacy in a changing world and what he believes can determine the fate and destiny of nations. He shares his knowledge of fluent Berlinery - the unique system of agreements and rituals in the occupied city. Recorded at LaBrea Tar Pits in Los Angeles, CA 16 Nov 2017
**Ambassador Perina passed away on 18 June 2018. He’ll be missed and we are forever grateful for his kindness, candor and lifelong service.
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