EPISODE 018 Jason Hanson


ASSET: Jason Hanson

Jason Hanson author, entrepreneur and ex-CIA officer. His books  Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life, and Survive Like a Spyare bestsellers and considered essential for those interested in spycraft with real stories from the field to back them up. Find him at spyandescape.com & survivelikeaspy.com You might recognize him from Shark Tank where he gained investors for his enterprise which includes, online training, onsite at his 320-Acre SpyRanch, books, gear and security and corporate consulting services at GPIagents.com. We listed into a discussion of libertarianism, self-reliance and the difference between country and government. Jason explains some of the social engineering he teaches and Doxxing, a term I haven’t heard before. He reveals what motivated him as a case officer and now as a sought after voice in the intelligence community.


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