EPISODE 031 Tracy Walder


EPISODE 031 Tracy Walder 

Tracy Walder,  ex-USC sorority girl joined the CIA at age 22, hunted down the most dangerous terrorists, then joined the FBI to uproot domestic spies and wrote a compelling book about it - The Unexpected Spy

“I’d show up in countries where armies of terrorists wanted to kill Westerners. I’d wear red lipstick, curl my hair and stand firmly on the rock of my convictions.”

Tracy talks about her select experience in the early drone program at CIA during the Bush administration's push into war with Iraq. Seemingly at the vanguard of the agency’s critical missions, Tracy went on to hunt dealers and suppliers of WMDs across Europe and Africa, before joining the FBI to complete a counterintelligence operation and convict a pair of spies in  Los Angeles, CA.

But what she always wanted to be was a teacher, and now is on the board of directors of the non-profit girlsecurity.org which seeks to increase representation of women in national security by building a pipeline for girls and young women through learning, training, and mentoring support focusing on building a future workforce of women national security decision makers.

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