EPISODE 029 Joyce Wayne

Joyce Wayne Rolls Up The Ottawa Ring
February 07, 2020

Joyce Wayne has written a historical novel called The Last Night of theWorld  about a Soviet female operative, a key player in the Gouzenko Affair.  When Igor Gouzenko defected from the GRU to the RCMP in September of 1945 the west would see for the first time the extent of Soviet espionage activity in North America.   His 200 pages of documents would reveal a covert ring of dozens of operatives working for Soviet military attaché and GRU Rezident Nicholai Zolotkin in the capital city.

In this interview Joyce lays out the setting of wartime Ottawa, the unassuming spy city just north of the American border.  Aside from diplomatic and government centers, a target of intelligence collection was an hour and a half north of Ottawa at the atomic  facility called Chalk River, which is still  in use today as an active research facility.

Joyce’s fiction has the haunting credibility of a first-hand account. Her father was a member of Zolotkin’s ring and managed to avoid detection and prosecution throughout his life. He left the communist party in 1947, disillusioned with Stalin’s brutality. She explains the attraction of Communism in the 1930s and 40s and how this period, and the Gouzenko Affair, is not talked about much in Canada.

More about the author at Joycewayne.com

Her book The Last Night of the World is available on Amazon.

Other works cited in this interview:

  • How the Cold War Began, by Amy Knight
  • The Fall of a Titan, by Igor Gouzenko
  • The Spy Who Changed the World: Klaus Fuchs, Physicist and Soviet Double Agent  by Mike Rossiter
  • The Sound of Neutrons - Deep River Players - Chalk River, Ontario
  • Joyce Wayne on Spycast

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