EPISODE 028 Witold Radwanski


Witold Radwanski Reveals the Golden Rule of Konspiracja

January 24, 2020

This is a special episode in collaboration with my sponsor the Wende Museum of the Cold War in Los Angeles, California.  I’ve included one of my interviews for the The Wende Museum’s Historical Witness Project, sponsored by Fiona Chalum and Joel Aronowitz, which seeks to preserve voices of the Cold War for future generations.

In November of last year I went to Warsaw, Poland to help retrieve historical documents and smuggled samzidat from the years of the Solidarity uprising for an upcoming exhibit for the Wende Museum.  I interviewed several key players in the Polish anti-communist movement, one of whom is my guest for this episode - Witold Radwanski.

Witold’s experience as a daring underground operator working within and around the Polish borders offers a view into the relationships, connections, ratlines, allies, enemies and tradecraft necessary to fund and supply their insurgency movement from the late 70s until the Communists were peacefully voted out of power in 1989.  He speaks to me from an apartment in Warsaw near the former Ghetto where his relatives had struggled a generation before him.

Thanks to my sponsor the Wende Museum of the Cold War for sharing this content.  This weekend January 26th,  2020,  I’ll be conducting a live interview at the museum in Culver City, CA with another of the Polish Underground, artist and activist Tomas Osinski.

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