EPISODE 027 Joe Rivers


Live Drop episode 027, I meet up with an old friend of mine who among other things plays high stakes poker. I wanted to talk to him about that world, and perhaps see how it could inform the role of intelligence with the brinksmanship, nerve, bluff and distraction that are tools to a card player, and protection or transfer of clandestine information ie. when to show your cards.

Joe doesn’t disappoint, he’s a natural storyteller and fills me in on some of the jargon like: What’s a fish? Stalking, Tilting, Action Player, Smooth Calling, Colluding and the Interview. He also reveals how important it is to control your breathing if the stakes are high and the nerves are starting to frazzle. You can find Joe Rivers on Instagram @rivers483

Thanks listeners for a wonderful first year of podcasting. I’ve learned an immense amount about interviewing and the world of intelligence, espionage, security and diplomacy. There is a lot of information out there: Always be listening, Share what you need to get what you want, build trust, provide something in return, consider sources, share a fact-based reality, consider your biases, put yourself in the shoes of the target, act like you belong, don’t stand if you can sit, rinse and repeat. more information available on the episode debrief at thelivedrop.com


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