Live Drop Guests

Sources in Development

In Human Intelligence (HUMINT), before a targeted individual becomes an Asset, they are developed as a Source. Some of the Sources in development at the moment include:


  • Jason Hanson - Former CIA and founder of
  • Thomas Kretschman - German actor, Berlin Station
  • Stephen Hoyt - author, professor, former USMLM Berlin
  • Stuart Herrington - 766th MI BN CDR Berlin

Available & Upcoming Episodes

Established Assets

Developed Sources become Live Drop Assets, in other words they are the guests on the podcast. Some Live Drop Assets to look forward to include:

  • Dmitri Trenin - Director of Carnegie Institute, Moscow
  • Dagmar Hovestädt - Public Relations Director for BTSU, Berlin
  • Pete Turner - former U.S. Army Counterintelligence Specialist
  • Andrew Bustamante - former USAF Officer, former CIA, author of Everyday Espionage
  • Jonathan Dyer - author, former Cold War Linguist &  Analyst, Berlin Teufelsberg
  • Robin Dreeke - FBI Counterintelligence
  • Evgenia Brik - Russian actress, Adaptatsiya (Адартация, Russian version of The Americans)
  • Rudy Perina - ambassador, Soviet Liaison for Berlin Mission
  • Jack Barsky - former KGB, author of “Deep Undercover”
  • Berndt von Koska- Director of Allied Museum, Berlin
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