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The Live Drop Podcast

The Live Drop is an interview-based podcast with a strong intelligence and espionage focus intent on gathering stories about intelligence operations and the events that occasioned them. Mark Valley, the creator and host of The Live Drop, served in the U.S. Army in Berlin, Germany. The opportunity to witness history’s marked shift in the spy capital at the end of the Cold War sparked a lifelong interest and led to the creation of this project.

The Live Drop Mission

The Live Drop is an intelligence effort to collect and analyze personal accounts and experiences from a variety of sources to develop a better understanding of both historical and current events.

Live Drop Agents

Mark Valley

Creator & Host

Mark is an accomplished actor, writer, and director, as well as the creator and host of The Live Drop. Before all that, however, he attended West Point and served in the U.S. Army.

Sasha Maggio

Force Multiplier

Sasha is a full-time linguist and research analyst with a background in, among other things, Psychology, Intelligence, and Military Studies.

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